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Area of concentration and lines of research

The PPGEE is currently structured around a single area of concentration entitled Defense and Communications Electronic Systems, which houses two lines of research: Systems Automation, Control and Operation, and Signals and Communications Systems.

The Systems Automation, Control and Operation research line deals with the research, study and validation (through simulations or from practical implementations) of control syntheses in the time and frequency domains. It involves studies on robust, optimal, adaptive, nonlinear and intelligent control techniques, as well as the control of time-varying linear systems. Studies are also carried out in the area of identification and optimization of physical systems, modeling and applications of classic and modern control techniques, as well as research related to the control and verification of Discrete Events and Hybrid Systems, with applications focused on defense electronic systems. The focus on power systems occurs via studies that encompass, but are not limited to, modeling, analysis, operation planning, protection and power quality.

The research line of Signals and Communications Systems aims human resources development and knowledge generation in the subjects of Optical Devices and Systems, Acoustic Signal Processing, Digital Image Processing, Digital Transmission Systems and Techniques, Digital Processing of Multidimensional Signals, Electromagnetic Theory, Microwave, Wave Propagation, Antennas, Telecommunications Systems, RF and Antennas.