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Digital Signal Processing Laboratory

The PDS Lab meets the teaching and research needs in the area of signal processing, particularly speech and audio signals.The lab has, besides computational resources and digital signal processor (DSP) kits, a recording studio and professional equipments for high quality signal acquisition, including microphone arrays, multichannel A/D converters and electroglottograph.


Photonics Laboratory

The Photonics laboratory is used by undergraduate students to develop experiments concerning optical fibers and systems and by graduation students to develop their PhD thesis and M.Sc dissertations using commercial software and/or developing experiments in optical sensors and fiber links.Equipments: Optical Spectrum Analyzer, Optical Time Domain Reflectometer, Fusion Splice machine, oscilloscope, 3GHz function generator, Temperature and current laser control.Homepage:

Laboratory of Acoustic Signal Processing (LASP)

The research activities at the Laboratory of Acoustic Signal Processing (LASP) started in 2002 as part of the former communication and optical systems group of the Electrical Engineering department of the Military Institute of Engineering (IME). The research is mainly focused on acoustic signal processing, time-frequency analysis, speech and speaker recognition, acoustic emotion identification, acoustic noise generation, non-stationary noise, speech enhancement, intelligibility measures, noise detection and representation, linear and non-linear acoustic feature estimation, acoustic signal and noise source localization.Homepage:

Digital Communications Laboratory

It is dedicated to conducting research aimed at developing and evaluating the performance of digital transmission systems in various application scenarios, such as: mobile communications; satellite communications and ionospheric  communications. Among other activities, it has carried out research on adaptive equalizers for frequency selective and time variant channels, OFDM receivers and error modeling for performance evaluation of communications network protocols.

Microwave Laboratory

It is intended for teaching and research in the areas of devices and systems in high frequencies, encompassing microwaves and millimeter wave spectra.

Radio Frequency and Antenna Laboratory

It is intended for teaching and research in the areas of communications systems (RF), covering the frequency bands of HF, VHF and UHF, with emphasis on radiating systems, communications links and circuits and RF systems with civil and military applications.

Image Processing Laboratory

It is intended for teaching and research in video systems and image processing. It features instruments for the generation and the display of analog video signals, as well as computers and high resolution monitors for processing and viewing digital images and videos.